Benefits to Customers

Cost-effective energy
Since 1932, Duluth Energy Systems has supplied a steady flow of energy to its customers who have come to rely on its efficiency and dependability.  Today, those same advantages have convinced building owners who are renovating, seeking mechanical system changes or engaged in new construction to choose steam for their buildings.

Space-saving technology
Steam delivery equipment eliminates the need for an on-site furnace or boiler.  Choosing Duluth Energy Systems allows building owners to use space for other purposes since the equipment needed is compact to utilize steam or hot water service from Duluth Energy Systems.

Cost-saving technology
Boilers and chillers require large capital investments, back-up equipment for redundancy, trained operators and maintenance, and contingency budgets.  These costs and others, including chemicals, natural gas, electricity and labor, are all but eliminated when choosing a connection to Duluth Energy Systems.

We’re always here for you
Ever-Green Energy-Duluth delivers quality customer service. We work 24/7 to provide steam and hot water from the Duluth Energy Systems plant to customers. We are always available to answer service questions.

Moving Ahead
Our operations team is working to assess production and distribution assets and optimize day-to-day system operation. Our outreach team is working closely with local stakeholders to weave the system’s plan into the economic and sustainability goals for the region.

Customer Survey
If you are a customer of Duluth Energy Systems, please complete our 2016 Customer Survey.

Duluth Energy Systems is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.