About Us: Local Energy, Local Solutions

Duluth Energy Systems is the City-owned steam plant that has been providing reliable heat to buildings in Canal Park and Central Business Districts since 1932. In 2017, the City of Duluth was awarded $15 million in state bonding to help modernize Duluth Energy Systems.

The system manager, Ever-Green Energy, is working closely with the City of Duluth to upgrade the existing system from steam to a more efficient hot water system. Together, these teams are implementing important updates to this system, in an effort to save energy and prepare this system for another 80 years of service.

We value the business relationships with our customers and work around the clock to deliver low-cost and reliable services from the Duluth steam plant in Canal Park. Our focus on customer service is expected to provide opportunities for growth, which is one way to help stabilize customer rates.



Duluth Energy Systems is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.