How it Works: Thermal Heat in Action

The District Energy Advantage

District systems enable technologies and fuel mixes that are otherwise unavailable to typical urban, commercial buildings. The central plant located in Canal Park allows customers of Duluth Energy Systems to enjoy the ability to outsource the complexity of in-building energy production to the experts that operate the district system. Building managers or business owners can focus on the other important issues directly related to their business and avoid many of the distractions and costs of in-building energy production.

Duluth Energy Systems is prepared to take the demands of providing thermal energy needs off the “to do” list for your buildings. Maintaining boiler rooms and boiler room equipment is an added cost and responsibility that building owners and operators can avoid by choosing to connect to Duluth Energy Systems.

Are you connected? 

Steam from our central plant heats and cools many local buildings, in addition to providing thermal energy for hot water heating, humidification, sterilization, dry cleaning, baking and microbrewing. Our diverse customer base includes Fitger’s, the Great Lakes Aquarium, US Bank, The Inn on Lake Superior, Washington Art Space, and Gateway Towers. All rely on dependable steam energy or hot water.

In buildings on our district system, reducing stations take the place of a furnace or boiler. As steam enters a building, the reducing station changes the steam pressure from 150 pounds to a lower pressure that is distributed in the building. In some cases, the lower pressure steam heats a building water loop that is then used to heat the building.

Customer Choice

Customers have choices for heat delivery systems in their building when using Duluth Energy Systems. Some buildings use unobtrusive hot water baseboard heaters. Other building designs include air handlers to take heat from steam and direct it through the building. Many medical facilities use Duluth Energy Systems to maintain a constant temperature that is important for sensitive medical equipment. Data centers cooled with steam absorption chillers maintain temperatures that are essential for the operation of the units.

Duluth Energy Systems is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.