We Deliver

Let us show you what you can do to make your building more energy efficient and comfortable.
Our engineers can conduct energy audits of existing systems and show you how to improve the efficiency of your building. We also have technical experts who can offer advice on system modifications or conversion and assistance with setup of central systems.

Reliable and economical energy source
Building owners and operators in Duluth are assured of reliable service delivery from Duluth Energy Systems. In addition, connection to Duluth Steam often results in reduced up-front capital expenditures since connected buildings do not need boilers, furnaces and related equipment.

Low-cost, long-term solution
Duluth Energy Systems aggregates the heating needs of millions square feet of building space in Canal Park and downtown Duluth into one central system. This aggregation provides access to the lowest possible energy rates from fuel suppliers. As a result, our energy rates are very stable and often well below the cost of other energy sources.

Heating Degree Days
To calculate the Heating Degree Days (HDD) for a particular day, find the day’s average temperature by adding the day’s high and low temperatures and dividing by two.

Because most buildings require heat only when the outside temperature is below 60 F, there are no HDD if the day’s average temperature is 60 F or above. If the day’s average temperature is less than 60 F, subtract it from 60 to find that day’s number of HDD.

For example, if the day’s high temperature is 60 and the low is 40, the average temperature is 50 degrees. The HDD for that day would be 50 – 60 = 10 HDD.

Historical HDD data for Duluth can be found at the National Weather Service Forecast Office.

Duluth Energy Systems is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.